As per NCTE regulation, 2014 the B.Ed Course shall be of 2(two) years duration from the academic session 2015-16. The trainees will have to take compulsory papers on educational subjects and two method papers in school subjects.


Any two from the following :
1. English                 2. M.I.L. (Assamese, Bengali, Hindi)
3. Mathematics        4. Social Studies.
5. History                 6. General science
* The college will follow the prescribe syllabus of G.U.



1. Every trainee shall do practice teaching in the method papers taken up by him/her in the selected schools under provision.
2. The trainees will have to maintain a dairy of their day-to-day progress of teaching in practice teaching classes and get it countersigned by the Head of the school where they have done their practice teaching.
3. One lesson shall be assessed by the external examiner in final practice teaching .



Practice Teaching Classes are held in different schools of the locality. The following schools having different mediums of instruction selected for the convenience of the students :

SI.NO Name of the School Medium
1 Lanka High School. Assamese
2 P.M. Girls' M.E & High Schools. Assamese
3 Ex-Serviceman Colony M.E & High School. Assamese
4 Sister Nivedita Girls' M.E. & Schools. Bengali
5 Netaji Vidyaniketan H.S.School. Bengali
6 Public H.S. school. Bengali
7 Buds English School. English
8 Good Samaritan English School. English
9 Rastrabhasa Higher Secondary School. Hindi
10 Rastrabhasa M.E. School. Hindi



SI.NO Items Rs.
1 Admission fee 5000.00
2 Tuition fee @ 1500/-x12 18000.00
3 Development fee 7000.00
4 Building fee 5000.00
5 Library fee 1000.00
6 Megazine 500.00
7 Examination (internal) fee 500.00
8 Festival fee 800.00
9 Games & Sports fee 500.00
10 Electrricity charge 700.00
11 Laboratory fee 1000.00
12 Library caution money (refundable) 500.00
  Total Rs. 40,500.00 (Rupees Fourty thousand five hundred only.)